Introducing The Canon imagePROGRAF Pro Series Of Large Format Printers

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The Canon imagePROGRAF Pro Series...

Forget what you think you know about large format printing...


Canon's much anticipated Professional Series of 8 and 12 colour large format printers are here, with revolutionary new features such as:

  • Dual roll capability across all models
  • Roll to roll printing capability across all models
  • Choice of 160ml, 330ml or 700ml hot-swap inks across all models
  • Chroma-optimiser ink for enhanced print quality
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Direct printing from USB thumbdrives
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Lucia Pro Inks

8 or 12 Colour Printers

The new LUCIA Pro ink formulation has been developed specifically for the imagePROGAF PRO series to deliver a wider colour gamut, darker blacks and an enhanced gloss finish.

The Chroma Optimiser ink found in the 12 colour printers is only used on the High and Highest print quality settings... This enriches the colours, heightens the detail and gives you the deepest blacks with that super glossy finish you'd only expect from a photo lab.

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All New 1.28" Printhead

Wider. Faster. Better!

The all new printhead design for the imagePROGRAF PRO series was developed with print quality and consistency in mind. The non-firing nozzle detection system reads the print on every pass of the printhead and compensates for breaks (banding) in the print.

And having one printhead instead of two, means that the PRO series printers can be narrower in size because the carriage doesn't have to travel as far past the paper on every pass.

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All New 1.28inch Printhead
Dual Roll Feeding And Take Up Unit

Dual-Roll Feeding Unit

Which Also Doubles Up As a Bi-Directional Take-Up Unit

If you choose to spec your printer with the optional dual roll unit, you'll be able to load the machine with two different types or sizes of paper at the same time.

The printer automatically switches between the two which will save you countless hours and leave you free to focus on more important tasks!

For those of you that need to leave your printers unattended, you can switch the roll feeder into 'take-up' mode and the printer will automatically wind your finished prints onto another core for cutting/finishing later.

A simple flick of the switch determines whether your prints are wound face-in, or face-out...

With prints facing in...With prints facing out...Switching between modes is easy...With one roll feed unit...With the dual roll feed/take-up unit...

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Hot Swap Inks

Mix & Match With 160ml, 330ml or 700ml Ink Cartridges

The imagePROGRAF Pro series have been built with productivity and economy in mind...

Whether you want to save money or you just want to change ink cartridges less often, you can choose between 160ml, 330ml or the mighty 700ml cartridges... Or a mixture of all three!

And just like all the other current imagePROGRAF printers, you can even change inks while the machine is printing which means the printer doesn't stop during that important print run!

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Hot swap Ink Cartridges
3.5inch Colour LCD Touchscreen Display

3.5" Colour LCD Touchscreen Display

Navigate The New Menus Easily With Touch Technology

It's easier than ever to find your way around the imagePROGRAF menu system with the new LCD touchscreen display.

At a glance you can see your remaining ink levels, which paper(s) you have loaded and if the machine is printing, how long before the job is complete.

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Print Studio Pro

Brings Professional Print Features To Your Desktop Apps

Canon's Print Studio Pro plug-in has been designed to work with industry leading editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, creating enhanced print features to put you in complete control of your workflow.

  • Select which roll print from
  • Preview how your image will be positioned on the roll
  • Manage and apply custom .ICC profiles
  • Apply custom edge wrap styles to canvas prints
  • + Many more features
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Print Studio Pro
Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Easy Connection & Quick Setup To Wireless Networks

With the imagePROGRAF PRO series it's easier than ever to connect from your PC, Mac or Laptop.

Position your shiny, new printer anywhere in your business and connect wirelessly to your network with the easy to follow on-screen instructions.

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Multifunctional Paper Basket

Ensures Every Print Is Treated Carefully

Your images matter. Sometimes it's ok for them to fall into a basket and roll up, other times you may want to take more care of them.

The imagePROGRAF PRO series now feature a unique, multi-functional basket that can accomodate a range of different positions to ensure that your prints can rest safely without damaging one another.

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Multifunctional Paper Basket

Had Enough Of Reading?

Sit back and watch all of the amazing new features in action...

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Short Term vs Long Term Colour

Dye Inks, Pigment Inks & What You Need To Know...

All of Canon's large format printers produce very similar results in terms of print resolution. In-fact, some people might be hard pressed to tell the difference between an image printed on each of the 4 ranges of machines.

What does tend to differ however, is the vibrancy/colour range of that image, and the amount of time taken before it starts to fade...

Short Term Colour

Dye based inks - Prints will fade after a few months when displayed indoors

This isn't as bad as it sounds! If you only need your printed image to last a few weeks before it is discarded, then this range of machines is great!

Dye based inks are designed to be cheaper to run for people/businesses that don't need longevity in their output.

  Plans & Drawings   Office Presentations   Short Term Posters

Long Term Colour

Pigment based inks - Prints will last over 100 years when displayed indoors

You can think of Pigment ink as essentially dye based ink, but with a special 'UV' coating to stop sunlight damage.

Printed images should last over 100 years in gallery conditions, so these printers are ideal for people/businesses who need their printed images to stand the test of time.

  Photography   Paintings / Canvas Prints   Long Term Posters

We're The Canon imagePROGRAF Experts

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CAD & Poster Printers

Canon imagePROGRAF Large Format Poster Printers
5 Colour Pigment Printers

Looking for a printer that does it all? Then look no further, Canons new TX series does just that! Not only is it a CAD Plotter, it's also a poster printer too. Capable of producing poster, banner and POS output all from one device like never before...


The going rate for an A1 poster in a high-street copy shop is around £15. Printing that same poster on your own Canon TX Series printer would cost around £1.50.

Canon imagePROGRAF Poster Printers
Canon imagePROGRAF Production Printers

High Volume Printers

Canon imagePROGRAF Production Printers
8 Colour Printers

Do you own a copy shop or print shop? Do you regularly sell print to other businesses?


Canon's 8 colour range have been built with the perfect combination of speed and quality so that you can turn around high quality print production for your customers in the fastest times possible.


Photo & Fine Art Printers

Canon imagePROGRAF Photo Printers
12 Colour Printers

When only the very best image quality will do, Canon's 12 colour printers are the ideal choice...


It goes without saying that the more colours you have to start with, the more colours you can re-create. That's why these printers are perfect for the most discerning photographers and fine-art printers.

Canon imagePROGRAF Photo Printers

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