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Topic Name - IPF8400 won't print on sheet paper

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23-Jun-2016 03:19 PM


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I have a IPF8400 which normally prints onto rolls. However, I'm trying to change it up by loading sheets of art paper. I seem to have no problem loading the paper. It gives me all the right cures,(load cut sheet/open top cover/lift release lever/align lead edge on right, then acoss the top/lower lever/close upper cover/Cut sheet type/loading paper please wait) loads it up and waits for the file,all happy as can be. No error messages and the green light is lit over the paper sheet icon. However, when I send the file to the printer, I get a message that "Rolled printing is selected but sheets are loaded. It then makes me eject the paper. Am I missing a setting in the print driver? Any ideas how to fix this?


23-Jun-2016 03:20 PM


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Found the answer (for anyone going through this). I figured that the problem must be the print driver since the paper was loading as it should (clever girl). I couldn't find the option for rolled paper vs sheet paper, so I updated the firmware and oila! Worked like a charm.

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