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Topic Name - iPF8300 Nozzle Checks A Lot

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23-Jun-2016 03:08 PM

Jon Carter

Posts: 2

We don't use our iPF8300 printer all that often, but it does seem to do a lot of nozzle checks...  Is this normal?

I heard somewhere that you can reduce the number of nozzle checks that the printer does, is this correct??

I'm afraid it's wasting ink and I know it's rather expensive!

23-Jun-2016 03:11 PM

Total Imaging Support Team

Posts: 17

Hi Jon,

It is completely normal for any Canon large format printer to perform nozzle checks, especially if you are not using it very often.

If you believe the number of nozzle checks to be unusually high, then it is possible that the printer may be trying to clear blockages and this should be evident with a nozzle test print (and perhaps the quality of your print jobs).

On your iPF8300 control panel, scroll to the [Set./Adj.] menu then select [Test Print] then [Nozzle Check].  The printer will then produce a series of 12 colour grids for you to inspect...

If you notice any fading or breakages in the grids, then this would indicate blocked nozzles on the printhead and you would need to perform a 'Head Clean A' to try and clear them.

'Head Clean A' is a light clean, so if this doesn't work you can try a 'Head Clean B' which is a slightly deeper clean.

As we say, nozzle checks are completely normal on an iPF8300 so try not to worry too much.  If you are worried though, perform a nozzle check and look for the issues stated above.

As always, feel free to contact a member of our team if you are in doubt.

Kind regards,

The Total Imaging Support Team.

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