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Topic Name - iPF605 Not Loading Paper!

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23-Jun-2016 11:59 AM

Jazzy Jeff

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Our iPF605 keeps spitting paper out whenever we try to load a roll...  It's driving us mad!
What are we doing wrong??



23-Jun-2016 12:00 PM

Total Imaging Support Team

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Hi Geoffrey,

If a Canon large format printer doesn't load media rolls correctly and spits them out, it's often because the user has accidentally selected the 'manual' paper feed method, otherwise known as the 'cut sheet' feed method.

The printer will then feed the paper in and out in attempt to look for the trailing edge of the sheet of paper.  If you happen to be loading a roll at this point, then the machine will give up (because there is no trailing edge) and throw up an error.

You can check which feed method is selected by looking at the green indicator next the to LCD display.  Either a symbol representing a roll of paper will be lit up, or a symbol representing a sheet of paper will be.

If you're still struggling, try watching our How To Change Paper Rolls video or call us on 01737 246 173 and speak to a friendly member of our team.
Kind regards,

The Total Imaging Support Team.

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